rachelzoe_project.jpgAs celebrities from all walks of life turn designers, it was only a matter of time before the stylists that dressed the celebs turned designers as well.

Rachel Zoe has inked a deal with LF USA to create The Rachel Zoe Collection, a lifestyle brand comprising of contemporary clothing, accessories, and shoes. The brand will launch worldwide in Autumn 2010.

"Subconsciously or consciously, my whole final goal - I don't want to say final because that sounds very like it's the end - but I would say my ultimate dream scenario was to be on the design side," said Zoe of her new project. While nothing has been designed as yet, Zoe is in the process of hiring a design team.

"You will definitely see me in the clothes. Like, you will absolutely see my trademark pieces. I'll definitely do faux furs and incredible leather jackets and great trousers. But I'm catering to a broader audience."