katemoss_alexandermcqueen_hologram.jpgThe Gucci Group have reportedly sought legal advice after Cadbury launched a new TV ad to promote its Flake chocolate bar. The ad depicts a young woman suspended in the air, surrounded by a billowy dress in a similar style to the Kate Moss hologram featured during Alexander McQueen's Autumn 2006 show (pictured).

Not only does it bear a striking resemblance, McQueen worked with director Ballie Walsh to create the hologram, who has also worked with Cadbury.

"We were aware of Baillie's work with Alexander McQueen and others when we commissioned him to reflect the delicacy and fragility of the folds in the Flake bar. We felt Baillie's unique house style was exactly what we were looking for," said Cadbury in a statement. Make up your own mind, click on to see the McQueen hologram and Cadbury ad...

Cadbury Flake TV ad:

McQueen's Kate Moss hologram:

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