Monday afternoon at GFW saw a combination of collections from both Northbrook, a college of the University of Brighton and the University of Salford. Although they became one show, the designs couldn't be more different with Northbrook's safe and wearable outfits followed up by Salford's more eccentric designs, bringing light to England's north south divide.

Danielle Ferguson stood out from Salford's showcase. Her collection that was named 'My Inner Child' and took inspiration from a Coronation Street storyline, exploring the effect teenage pregnancy has on a young mother. Her collection included oversized bows and a teddy bear skirt.


The pick from Northbrook's designers was Rhea Fields' womenswear collection based on traditional male tailored pieces. This sequinned pale pink tailored shirt and black bow tie manages to look both professional and feminine.

Written by Gemma Owen.

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