Thumbnail image for Giles Deacon and Agyness Deyn.jpgSpeculation that Giles Deacon had been recruited by Emanuel Ungaro has been flying around for weeks. Now the rumours have been confirmed, with the label revealing today that Deacon is their new creative director.

The British designer will take up the reigns at the French fashion house following last month's exit of Estrella Archs.

It also looks like a positive first step for Ungaro since the mess left behind by Lindsay Lohan's involvement. Deacon will unveil his first collection at Paris Fashion Week in October.

"I obviously don't want to infringe upon my own line, but I like things that are very feminine, lots of color, great prints, great quality, some unusual cuts," Deacon told WWD. "Yes, I'm totally aware and respectful of the pressure but at the same time, I've run my own business for eight years and worked in lots of places. I think as soon as you start worrying and thinking about that too much, you're not concentrating on doing good work, which is the most important thing."

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