alexandermcqueen_geniusofagenerationbookcover.jpgThe first book post Alexander McQueen's death is due for release next month. Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation is a 128-page chronicles McQueen's life from childhood to his final collection for A/W 2010.

According to the Telegraph, the book includes 120 photographs which help to "demonstrate how McQueen's vision eclipsed mere ready-to-wear and how he struggled and sought to define fashion through complex thought-processes, science and computer technology, special effects and elaborate sets which were astonishing examples of installation art, designed to showcase some of the most bizarrely-beautiful, ingenious and mind-boggling clothes ever seen on a runway."

Penned by Kristin Knox, an international fashion journalist and blogger, it will retail for £19.99 from May 7th. It can be purchased via or