We have shown you a sneak peek at the lookbook, now here is some more imagery from the forthcoming Zac Posen for Target collection. For his spring/summer 2010 line, Posen has reinvented some of his iconic designs including the trumpet dress he made for Naomi Campbell in 2001.

"That was the dress that started my business," he says. "It's flirtatious and fun, but it has a punk, tough quality too."

Other pieces, such as his snap dress, will allow the wearer to "self-drape and self-create."

"We made the ruffles detachable, like a Judy Garland apron," he adds. "You can wear it as a skirt over the dress; undo it and drape it over your shoulders à la Cristóbal Balenciaga; or if you don't want any frou, take it off and you have a sexy date dress."

For our American readers, the Zac Posen for Target Go International collection will be available at Target stores and at from April 25 to May 30.

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[Source: Yahoo! via Nitrolicious]