Marc Jacobs - Front Row - Fall 09 MBFW
Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs's long-time business partner, has temporarily jumped on Twitter (get following while you can!) until after New York Fashion Week.

While tweeting away, he let slip on some of the label's upcoming plans, including a potential movie.

"Working on a movie project in LA. Also helping to edit a photo book about all the people that work with us. It's amazing!... The kids I work with all over the world are the most inspiring ever! So a book is being done on them. Working title 'the men and women of mj,'" he tweeted.

As for why Marc himself isn't on Twitter, Duffy explained: "No! Marc doesn't Twitter. He did & facebook. Wasn't a good idea for him. He closed all. Many use his name. He isn't on anything."

Also it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any of celebs in a Marc Jacobs number this awards season. According to him "everyone [in LA] is trying to get a dress someone" and they're "glad they're not doing it."

Boo for us.