Two of the world's most talked about models right now, are actually doing the talking for once. Abbey Lee Kershaw has jumped in front of the camera to answer some rather interesting questions, such as whether extreme footwear (such as the ones she fell over in during the Rodarte show) will continue.

"Hopefully [the shoes are] going to come back down soon, because health and safety regulations have to come into play at some point," she told Aussie news show, Today Tonight. She also answers some tough questions about the pressure to stay thin. Click the video above to watch.

Meanwhile, watch another interview with Miranda Kerr after the jump...

Following one of last week's top stories which saw Aussie stockbroker David Kiely get majorly busted for ogling pictures of Miranda Kerr during a live TV cross, Kerr herself has spoken out in the poor guy's defence.

She told Frockwriter, she was "glad he kept his job" and she "felt sorry for him" after he was caught red-handed and the video made international headlines after it was sent around the world.