Loving this! Ever since Lily Allen dropped a bombshell late last year that she would be putting her music career on hold to pursue fashion we have been all ears. Now we can reveal that the popstrel will be unveiling her new clothing label, Lucy in Disguise, at the Vintage at Goodwood music-meets-glam-fashion festival (I die!) from August 13 - 15. Founded by designer Wayne Hemingway, the 3-day event will be the first to focus on dressing up and music.

"We have carefully curated a celebratory festival in complete contrast to this staid status quo, that re-unites music, fashion and culture; that is unashamedly about dressing up rather than down and being comfortable rather than compromised," said Hemingway, of the label Red or Ded.

Lily attended the launch of the festival yesterday (pictured above) dressed in a vintage prom dress, along with other models in retro outfits from throughout the decades. For her boutique, the 24-year-old plans to source vintage clothes with her sister, Sarah Owen.

"I'm having a career change for a while. I'm concentrating on something else. I'd like to get my brand and my shop going, and then if it does well, we'll definitely think about branching out on our own label," she told the Press Association.

Get your tickets now folks!

Vintage at Goodwood, 13th-15th August 2010 in West Sussex. Tickets now on sale from:

[Source / Image: Rex Features]