Now here is a fun report to brighten your Sunday... Kate Moss is said to be taking up a three-month training regime to get herself ballerina-ready to dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov. The supermodel is rumoured to be working on a short film with the 62-year-old Russian ballet icon which is being made by renowned choreographer and director Michael Clark.

Loosely titled Baryshnimoss (ha, cute!) Kate is due to fly into New York next month to work on the film with Baryshnikov, who is best known lately for his portrayal of Carrie's sexy older lover, Aleksandr Petrovsky, in Sex and the City.

"Kate has to be fit, healthy and looking good, so her late nights and heavy partying have to be reduced. I know that she is very happy to do that and has talked about wanting to get fit and healthy herself," a source told the Daily Mail.

"It will be a movie made for them so she doesn't have to be a prima ballerina, even though she is having classes... It will be shown at some sort of fund-raiser but if anything it will go into a gallery where everybody can see it. I think that is how Michael sees it."

If Kate's previous dance skills (cue her pole dancing routine for a White Stripes's music video) are anything to go by, it should be one hell of a sexy film.