Things just appear to be going from bad to worse for Lindsay Lohan's fashion pursuits. The starlet is now being questioned over the authenticity of her forthcoming 6126 leggings line which has expanded to include clothing.

Our friends over at Fashionista were quick to point out the similarities between one of her new dress designs (above, right) and a Jen Kao fall '09 dress (above, left) that LiLo wore while in New York last year.

"While we are all well aware that being 'mimicked' or 'copied' has always existed in this industry, I think the evolution of it all has grown to an alarming level," Kao told WWD. "It's a shame to support the concept of taking advantage of designers who are still trying to develop a name and solidify the image of their design aesthetic."

Meanwhile, Kristi Kaylor, president of 6126, denied any such copying claims by saying: "The alleged 'copying' claims made by these companies are false and have absolutely no merit or validity whatsoever. Any alleged similarities are purely coincidental.

It seems to be the latest snag in LiLo's plans to carve a name for herself in the fashion industry. In the past few months she has been widely criticised for her involvement as artistic advisor at Emanuel Ungaro. One of her biggest supporters, former Ungaro CEO Mounir Mouffarige, also recently resigned.