jcrew_michelleobama_london.jpgFirst we were given Anthropologie and now it seems as though another US retailer is headed our way - J.Crew!

That's right, one of Michelle Obama's (pictured, right) favourite brands is heading to the UK in an expansion that will also include Canada. With the First Lady winning us over with her knack to combine designer pieces and affordable items from J.Crew's collection, we are of course delighted to hear that it will soon be hitting our shores.

But before the rest of the world gets too excited, it seems the company doesn't want to get too big for its boots just yet.

At the Financo annual business event in New York on Monday, J.Crew's chairman and CEO Millard 'Mickey' Drexler explained: "Bigger is not better - better is always better. It's not a matter of what's been, but what will be. We could get bigger, could get faster and open a couple more factory stores, but we don't want to. There's no race -- the race is to maintain the integrity of the product."

There is no word yet on when J.Crew plans to open up shop here, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.