Alexa ChungHere is one starlet who we have long suspected will design her own line but hasn't... up until now.

Alexa Chung's US television dreams may have hit the pause button, but clearly the Americans love her sense of style. She has just signed a contract to collaborate with J.Crew's Madewell brand. The team-up marks J.Crew's first celebrity partnership, and it seems rather perfect with Madewell known for its downtown casual flavour and Alexa known for being... well, cool.

According to the lady herself, she "love[s] how their vibe is a mix of vintage and new - it completely clicked with me." As for other brands approaching her for a collection, she says: "I was being offered so many collaborations for a long time, but I held off. I thought it would be quite a 'sellout' thing to do."

"But Madewell had a more organic approach. They seemed really interested in my ideas and it's a brand that I really admire. Hopefully, the authenticity of this collaboration will be obvious," she added.

The range will be called Alexa Chung for Madewell and will feature polkadot tea dresses, dungaree dresses, high-waisted skinny jeans, oversize wool jackets, and T-shirts with Chung's photographs and illustrations, around 20 styles in total. Prices are expected to range from around $14 for illustrated T-shirts anywhere upwards of $500 for a jacket.

They will launch the line via Madewell stores and its website in late August. Alexa will also star in the ad's campaign, naturally, but there is no word yet on whether we'll see a follow-up collection. I wonder if we'll be able to get our mitts on any of the pieces when J.Crew launches in the UK... yes, please!