Ever since she was spotted in Paris talking to the head honchos at LVMH, rumours have been swirling that Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs are branching into a line of fur together.

The whispers began on Twitter (where else?) when LVMH exec Edo Jao, tweeted, "Hanging with Vic B and MJ is going real well, I think they're talking about a line with fur. Launching pre-emptive PETA strike now."

No way, says PETA, who told ShinyStyle that as a "long-time animal lover [Victoria] is about as likely to wear real fur as she is to wear frumpy flat shoes... [She] recently had designers make her a garment from faux fur and is setting a brilliant example to the public as a style icon, as well as her children, by having a look that kills without supporting the killing animals."

Confused? Me too.

[Image: Rex Features]