Thumbnail image for Vctoria BeckhamCrisis has rocked Victoria Beckham's fashion empire, after £350,000 worth of dresses were stolen during a knife-point hijack at Heathrow Airport.

The bandits fled with around 50 to 75 of the Spice Girl's spring/summer dresses, in what is believed to have been a well-planned heist. After following the delivery van to the pick-up point in west London, two thieves struck when the driver stopped to make another delivery. When the driver returned, the van's padlocks were broken and the robbers burst out of the back with two boxes. The driver was left shaken and bruised when he was knocked down in the process.

The shipment was headed for New York, where they were due to sell at Neiman Marcus. A spokesperson for Beckham said they hoped the collection would be remade in time to deliver to Neiman Marcus. It sounds like those fashion bandits are on the loose again. Police are investigating.