marinarinaldi_campaignaw2009.jpgOh dear. It is unlikely that Selfridges will win many friends with this move. But nevertheless the department store has decided to ditch its plus-size clothing department.

The retailer will no longer stock the Marina Rinaldi range (pictured, left), which has sizes from 14 to 26. The largest size it will now offer is a size 16.

"It's true we no longer stock Marina Rinaldi, however Selfridges is constantly updating its brand mix," a Selfridges spokesperson said.

This is baffling to me. While other retailers, like ASOS, slowly continue develop their product lines to include plus-sizes, why would Selfridges choose now to go against the grain? After all, half the country is a size 16 or above - why alienate these consumers who are already limited by the variety of plus-size brands available on the high street?

I wonder what our friends over at Big Girls Browse have to say about this?