Lily Allen   Lily Allen has never made a secret of the fact that she'd one day like to break into the fashion business. She already has her collections for New Look, a jewellery range, and a Chanel campaign under her belt. But is she really willing to sacrifice her music career? It seems so.

The popstrel has told Radio 1 that she plans to take a break from making music "for at least one or two years" to set up a record label and fashion boutique. She intends to start the fashion business with her sister, to be called Lucy In Disguise. But it won't be any run-of-the-mill clothing store, instead customers can rent out designer pieces at a fraction of the cost.

"It's about making fashion democratic," she said. "That's the idea behind it. It's about getting really nice clothes but letting people rent them for affordable prices so they can go out and feel like a million dollars and it won't cost them a million dollars." Nice idea. But can Lils make it a success?