ladydior_advert_marioncoitllard.jpgJust as the word "Oscar" is being bounced around in relation to the Valentino documentary, The Last Emperor, the latest film buzz also involves a couple of designer houses and well-known filmmakers.

Last week, John Galliano and Marion Cotillard were in Shanghai to film the next installment of the Lady Dior campaign. This time, it was filmed by David Lynch, director of Mulholland Drive.

At the same time, word on the grapevine is that Martin Scorsese is involved in the next Chanel campaign. Chanel is renowned for partnering directors with their muses (Luhrmann and Kidman, Jeunet and Tautou). So does this mean we'll soon see Scorsese's muse, Robert DeNiro, in a Chanel campaign? Okay... maybe, not.

[via Fashionologie]