Claudia SchifferThere is quite a bit going on in the land of supermodels lately. For starters, Claudia Schiffer has got a few of you talking this morning after she hinted at plans to launch a fashion line one day.

"I've been in this business for so long and developed my name globally, but I have no product to show for it. And I would love to develop it now," she told WWD at the IHT's Techno Luxury in Berlin yesterday. "I have no definite first product in mind, but I would love to do cashmere. It's something I wear all the time myself, but I'd love to do something a bit more price-friendly. Plus a lot of cashmere lines are very classic and timeless, while I'd want to do it a bit more fashion. Or I could imagine doing handbags."

I wonder if she'll turn to pals Elle Macpherson or Kate Moss for advice?

Meanwhile, the man accused of attempting to extort Cindy Crawford for £62,500 has handed himself over to police. Edis Kayalar gave him self up to authorities in Stuttgart, Germany on Monday after he was charged with attempting to extort the supermodel and her family.

Crawford's husband Rande Gerber paid Kayalar, an pal of their former nanny, £625 to prevent a photo of their daughter bound to a chair in a revealing outfit, which was allegedly taken by the nanny during a game of cops and robbers, out of the media's hands. However, Kayalar threatened to sell the image to the press for over £300,000 before being deported to Germany in September. His threats continued until the couple involved the FBI. If convicted, Kayalar faces up to two years prison.