lindsaylohan_ungaro_illustration.jpgIn a surprising turn of events, Lindsay Lohan will be continuing her role as artistic advisor at Emanuel Ungaro. Despite the critical flop of her first collection for label, Ungaro president and CEO Mounir Moufarrige has confirmed that Lindsay will be sticking around.

"Yes (she's staying on), she has a job to do," he told NY Times. "The criticism was harsh. I am sure we can do better in the collection to be honest but I think it was harsh... But it did sell well."

Although not quite as well as they'd expected, he also confessed.

The collaboration left a bad taste in Emanuel Ungaro's mouth. He recently labelled the collection a "disaster" and severed any ties he had left with the company. On this point, Moufarriage said: "Mr Ungaro has his views, he can keep them. I have no comment."

As for the future of the label, he added that he'd like to see the collections "more tight, more identity driven."

Meanwhile, don't you just love the illustration (above, left)? It's by aleXsandro Palombo of Humor Chic (via Chic Report).