laurenconrad_responds_clothinglabelhiatus.jpgNow a best-selling author, Lauren Conrad is turning her attentions to penning a non-fiction book. The reality TV star has just revealed plans to write a style guide titled, Lauren Conrad Style, to be published by HarperCollins in autumn next year.

The book is set to include style tips, never-before-seen photos and will show readers how to interpret her easy classic look into their everyday wardrobes.

"I am really excited to write a style guide," said Conrad, who also designs a clothing line for Kohl's. "I think fashion should be fun and reflective of who you are. When you wear clothes you feel good in, it shows in everything you do. I know this guide will offer simple, practical tips to help anyone look fabulous."

Lauren's début fiction release, L.A. Candy, became a number one New York Times bestseller. Her follow-up novel, Sweet Little Lies, is due for release in February 2, 2010.