jonathansaunderstargetannouncement.jpgAfter all the 25th anniversary hoopla last season, Jonathan Saunders has confirmed that he will be back to show at London Fashion Week in February. Yay!

"I just loved showing here in September and my sales weren't adversely affected at all - we sold just as much as the season before," he told "It's much easier than New York because I'm still based in London, and I always will be - but I will go back to show in New York next autumn. It's just such a huge country - and nationwide stores like Saks and Barney's give you such huge reach. It's good for a business."

In two weeks, Saunders will also unveil his first transactional website which he says is "great for young designers."

"We trade really well on Net-A-Porter, but Natalie Massenet actually really encourages young designers to set up their own platform too. She doesn't see it as competition - it just raises awareness of the brand," he said.

As for any rivalry amongst his fellow designers, Saunders added: "[Christopher Kane] and I came to London and set up our businesses without the financial support from our parents that some designers have. We all come to what we do with a love to fashion. Richard Nicoll was in my class at university, Chris was two years below, Louise Gray I've known since we were in Scotland. We all support each other."

Aw, we like this.