gemmaward_closeshot.jpgThe good news is Gemma Ward isn't retiring... again! After another flurry of will-she-or-won't-she-call-it-quits rumours, the Aussie model has set the record straight for the second, or perhaps the third time (I've lost count!).

"I have not 'quit modelling' and my fans back home can expect to see me back at work modelling and acting in the new year," she said in an email to The West Australian newspaper.

This is super of course, especially for the ladies at FrostFrench who have their eye on her for their next ad campaign.

According to Fashionista, Sadie Frost and Jemima French would love to cast Gemma, but only at her current weight. Apparently they want a real girl, and obviously a stunning one to boot as the face of their line.

With a new FrostFrench store recently opened in London's Soho, now would be a good time as any for Gemma to consider a comeback.