No one said that being a model was without its fair share of criticism. But in a startling new interview Erin O'Connor has revealed what it was like for her when she was just starting out in the business.

"In the early days of my modelling career, I think the industry was uncomfortable with how strikingly different I was," she told the Radio Times. "For example, I was told to have a nose job and get my breasts done. But I suddenly got very stubborn and thought, 'Well, no. This is me,' and suddenly I was being hailed as 'a new form of beauty'."

Meanwhile, Erin has become a staunch advocate of model health, even launching the Model Sanctuary with the BFC as a place for models to relax during London Fashion Week.

"I am concerned about ageism and the loss of beauty - the perception that as you grow older, you "lose your looks", which I think is diabolical," she said. "I worry about how accessible cosmetic surgery has become. Of course, if it has genuinely helped people and their confidence has grown as a result, who am I to form an opinion? But I think there are better routes to confidence than trying to freeze time."

[via Daily Mail]