susiebubble_sketchbookcover.jpgWe so very much <3 this!

New London mag, Sketchbook, has dedicated its entire debut issue to fashion bloggers *does a little happy dance* starring our pal Susie Bubble on the cover.

The first edition: The Fashion Blogger Issue. 'I blog therefore I am', explores the way fashion blogging has "blossomed into a cultural phenomenon and become a way of life for both fashion journalists and fashion fans alike." Oh, I like the sound of that.

Other bloggers to get sketched include Perez Hilton, Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely, A Shaded View on Fashion's Diane Pernet, and Scott Shuman of The Sartoralist.

In addition to original sketch drawings, it also includes exclusive interviews and stories concerning the most up-and-coming design talent in the world. Get your copy of Part I ($27.90) here and Part II ($28.70) by clicking here.