naomicampbell_movingtorussia.jpgWatch your back Tyra - Naomi is hot on your heels to find the next big thing(s) in fashion. That's right, Naomi Campbell is about to undertake not one, but two talent searches to discover the next best fashion photographer and model.

Collaborating with new website, a a global community for talent in music, fashion, film, art, and photography, Naomi has devised two ideas to uncover the new fashion photography and modelling superstars.

In the model category, she is on the hunt for one man and one woman who has personality with the opportunity to shoot for a leading magazine.

In the photography category, Noames will be looking for story submissions that revolve around the theme "glamour."

All entries are due by 5th February 2010. They will then be voted on by the public - those with the most votes will qualify for the final selection round.