agynessdeyn_darkhair_moetdiorevent.jpgStill harbouring Thespian aspirations is our girl Agy. Once again, it seems the lure of Hollywood's bright lights have drawn Agyness Deyn in.

The British model will reportedly star in an upcoming short film directed by Peter McGough. It will also feature Linus Roache of Law & Order, with McGough said to have secured funding from beauty brand Guerlain and jeweller Mikimoto to produce the film. Although this is yet to be confirmed.

Rumours that Agy is considering quitting modelling to concentrate on her acting career have been flying for months. This was only fuelled by her appearance in the short flick, Dance of the Golden Axe, and her pursuit of acting lessons.

So, will we soon be seeing Agy on the silver screen like her pal Lily Cole? Only time will tell.

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