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Very few musicians are as open about their love for fashion as VV Brown, with a love for vintage and a role as Ashish's muse she definitely wears her fashionista heart on her sleeve.

So it's doesn't come as any surprise to find out that VV opened vvvintage, her online vintage boutique today. It's a mix of '80s and '90s featuring the hot colours and eye-catching embellishments she is known for.

VV explained why she combines pop and shop: "So its finally up and running and I must say I am a little nervous. I love being creative and this is all in love. I get so bored I just like putting my energy into different artistic projects." adding: "I sowed (sic) and cut and added bits and bobs and here is a mini vintage collection. I have a little storage room where I work on stuff and I must say my house is becoming a bit of a mad hatter area of clothes, keyboards and weird things.... very much like a jumble sale shop or something."

[Photo: Wenn.com]