katemoss_kiss_auction.jpgAs suspected, Kate Moss looks set to join Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green's new entertainment venture.

The global entertainment network which is said to rival Disney, is the brainchild of Cowell and Green, who wish to conquer the showbiz and fashion industries. According to the Daily Mail, they have signed on Kate "as a figurehead and style setter for the fashion end of the business."

"She will also be involved in finding and signing new bands and promoting them. Something that has also been talked about is Kate developing her own singing career and starting a music label," a source said.

We all know that she enjoys a tune, but what will this mean for her modelling career and her many lucrative contracts?

"Philip knows Kate has been looking for a way out of modelling for the past five years. She is bored silly with her own career and has vastly increased his Topshop sales and image," the source added. "She's only confided in her closest friends because she still has outstanding contracts, and no one knows she met up with Simon and Green two weeks ago to sign and agree the final deal."

"In return Kate will net a big share of the profits. Her entire fortune would double within a year bringing her up to the £100million mark."

Watch out Gisele, Kate might soon reclaim her number one spot on the Forbes top-earning models list.