isabellablow_portrait_stevenmeisel.jpgThe late great Isabella Blow is about to be remembered via two biographies due out next year.

She is the subject of two separate books, the first Blow by Blow: The Story of Isabella Blow, is co-written by her husband, Detmar Blow and British author Tom Sykes. Sykes was first introduced to Blow through his sister, Plum, while she worked as an assistant at Vogue.

The second, slated for December 2010, is penned by Karyn Marcus and commissioned by fashion writer, Laura Goldstein Crowe.

"We wanted someone to do the definitive bio of Isabella Blow - a really fun, juicy look at this personality within the fashion industry," said Marcus.

As for what Sykes thinks of the competition from another biography, he said: "I don't know Lauren and I haven't spoken to her. I'm sure she'll do a brilliant job. But from a professional point of view, I would certainly hope that I have the edge in that I'm collaborating with Issie's husband of 14 years."

Blow died in 2007 following an overdose of weedkiller. The former editor and stylist had attempted to take her own life several times beforehand. She was suffering from ovarian cancer at the the time of her death.

[Source: NY Observer / Image: Steven Meisel via BBC]