ladygaga_facemask_mtvmalta.jpgOh dear. Here is Lady Gaga tipping her extreme sense of fashion right over the edge.

The singer surprised onlookers when she attended a press conference for the Isle of MTV Malta Special. Dressed in a tight-fitting black frock, she finished off her look with a pair of gloves, and an unusual face mask which she described as a a "contemporary art piece".

At least she has a sense of humour about it all. At the conference, she said: "Right now I'm having a very strong obsession mostly with, um, clothing found in sex shops. I would venture to say all that clothing was designed by gay men."

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Unfortunately, I don't think her kooky style has resonated this time, with many wondering has Gaga gone gaga for real this time? Poker face or otherwise, who'd know the difference?