Fur Coat says...

Whether you're still obsessing over bodycon, you live for layering or simply have a pure, unabashed penchant for glittery top hats... dance shops are an untapped source of awesomeness for the more adventurous dresser. Forget American Apparel and Topshop, when it comes to unitards, leotards and leggings, dance is the way to go.

The original and best (in my shopping history at least) is Dance Direct. For leotards, these guys are the bomb. This lace-up number is my current obsession, although the velour all-in-one is also fairly epic. They also have a (cringe-inducing) 'urban' section. I know, I know, that's what the genre of dance is called, but it doesn't make the name any better. Anyway, this is the place to come for Pineapple crop tops, Nike boxing boots and that all-important 'Street Divas' DVD to remind you just how bad you are at the actual art of dancing.


Bloch is an Australian brand who have been around for over 75 years, essentially dominating the footwear market for serious dancers. They have ballet pumps and jazz shoes in every colour and finish imaginable, and this season have introduced a new line of heels, which are covetable whether you're a dance-dunce or prima ballerina. Nylon magazine debuted the new line this week, and it features such delights as heels with inbuilt legwarmers and (ultimately more wearable) two tone Mary Janes. Bloch sell through Dance Direct as well as independent dance retailers globally. Check out their stockist info for more.


Finally, I was excited to learn that Smiffy's (purveyors of hilarious plastic dog poops, stink bombs and other such novelties) has a dance shop, as well as its better-known fancy dress and practical joke stores. Maybe Smiffy's Flash Dance Wear is well known amongst the dance community, but my dance lessons finished when I was about 12, so I guess I'm outta the loop. Flash Dance Wear is the place to come for all your glittery accessory needs, as well as every type of catsuit you could conceivably need and that all important top hat.

Who cares if you can't dance when the clothes are this good?

[Pics: Dance Direct; Nylon; Smiffy's]