With the launch of her Topshop range, there is no better time for a documentary about Barbara Hulanicki to be released. The Biba designer is the focus on a new film, Beyond Biba: A Portrait of Barbara Hulanicki, which looks at the ups and downs of the label which shut its doors in 1975 after running into money troubles.

"Everyone had heard of Biba," said the film's producer, Tom Walters. "It was a real part of swinging Sixties London, but Barbara was reclusive, and most people in the UK don't know what happened to her after Biba closed."

It was then relaunched in 2006 before falling into administration just two years later. The documentary also uncovers Hulanicki's sad past, including the murder of her diplomat father killed by extremist group, the Stern Gang, in 1948.

It is due to screen at the Victoria & Albert Museum this Friday, becoming one of the first fashion films to hit cinemas this summer. The others being of course, Coco Avant Chanel, which premieres 31st July and The September Issue, set for release in September.

[via Independent]