betseyjohnson_h&m_target.jpgWord on the blogosphere is that Betsey Johnson is eyeing up retirement after next September's show.

The designer told NY Mag that she wants to go travelling, and that she and her business partner, Chantal Bacon, are working on a succession plan which will allow her to hand over the reins and become a "megaconsultant" instead.

"I should be retired. I'm basically screwing up because I'm not retired. I'd like to go in four days a month, something like that," she said. "My partner and I, we both want to know what would it be like to get up in the morning and go, 'What do I do today?'"

As for who she would like to fill her shoes, Betsey reckons Eric Sartori, who has designed for Herve Leger and Azzedine Alaïa, will take the top job.

"He is the one. He's much better than I am. He just has to Betsey-fy himself."