empora shopping aggregator clothes.jpg

We love clothes aggregators, they make shopping so much easier! We're already firm fans of Shopstyle and now there's Empora, a site which promises to make hunting down your favourite items a pain-free process.

The beauty of Empora is that you can search for a specific item, and then it shows you similar pieces based on colour or shape. Their fancy technology means that if you're looking for a tulip skirt you don't have to slog through pages of items looking for skirts with enough bubble and volume. Empora also use a special type of software to pick out the colour of the item, so there's no ambiguity if one retailer thinks the coral top you want is orange, or if the peplum skirt you want has been labelled as 'peplem' (believe us it happens!)

You can also take a look at their celeb style pieces, special offers and designer vs high street for further clothing inspiration. Looks like internet shopping just got a a little easier!