Is it official or is it completely off? That's the two questions on the cards for celebrity couples Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli and Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom right now. According to reports out of the US, Leo and Bar have called it quits again because "she wanted to move faster than he did." Although Usmagazine.com is now reporting that those rumours are false.

"They are still together," a source disclosed. Hmm... Confused? Me too.

Let's move onto Miranda and Orlando, are they or aren't they getting hitched? Read on to find out more...

Whispers of an engagement began weeks ago, and now an Australian Grazia has "officially" announced that they couple are planning to wed.

Yesterday Miranda's mother, Therese Kerr, spoke to the press, but offered "no comment whatsoever".

"It is totally up to them," she added rather cryptically. "Whether it's right or wrong, I'm not saying."

I'd say stay tuned on both accounts.