agynessdeyn_cfdaawards2009.jpgShe might have been showing off a new sidepart 'do at the CFDA Awards on Monday, but whispers doing the rounds is that Agyness Deyn is quitting modelling and New York.

According to reports, she plans wants to return to London to concentrate on an acting career.

"She said it's so boring and lonely hanging around studios all day, she's not enjoying it anymore," a source said.

"She's got an acting agent and told them she wants to get involved in interesting British indie films."

And while she plans to hang onto her New York apartment, only using it for visits, it seems there might be another reason Agy is considering coming home...

Rumour has it that Agy has moved on from Alex Greenwald, lead singer of Phantom Planet, and now has her eye on The Last Shadow Puppets' Miles Kane.

"They went on a date and she was really flirty. They are both Northern and have a similar sense of humour," a source added. "They will definitely be hanging out more when she moves back to the UK."

She sure loves those rocker lads, doesn't she? Either way, we'll be glad to have Agy back.