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Glam, thrift store chic and trusty favourites, Kate Moss, Karen O and Alexa Chung show their different festival styles.

In the UK perhaps more than anywhere else festivals mean fashion, at one end of the scale you've got Coleen Rooney in her maxi dress at V Festival and then at the other you have Kate Moss' memorable Les Chiffoniers latex leggings at Glasto.

Either way there's no doubt people are putting as much consideration into their outfit as they are their camping gear. A recent survey conducted for Lovebox Weekender showed that 33% of female participants spent an average of £220 on their festival outfits. Even factoring in a pair of pricey Hunter wellies that's still a substantial amount.

Are you planning to shell out for a summer festival outfit? Or do you prefer to wear trusty cutoffs and t-shirts when watching your favourite bands in the mud? Take our poll and let us know!