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Fur Coat, No Knickers' Rachael writes...

I love heavy metal. More than pugs or pizza or beer or fashion. You might not know it to look at me, but beneath the usually floral-decked exterior, lies a solid metal core. My love of metal has nothing to do with style, but I can't deny that I have a serious weakness for anything studded, fringed, leopard-print and/or leather. I'm not the only one, either. Some/all of my favourite fashion blogs are run by girls with more love for Girlschool (pictured above) than Girls Aloud.

Jen from Gnarlitude is probably my number one metal-motivated blogger. With an eye for epic vintage leather jackets and cowboy boots, Jen's taste ranges from Ann Demeulemeester and Ann-Sofie Back to Vans and American Apparel. I pretty much trust her taste in everything, and if your personal style verges towards lots of black and purple, leather and (no really) lace, you should add her to your bookmarks right about now.

The girls at BleachBlack are basically who I want to be when I grow up. Two super-glam ladies who hang out with supermodels and rockstars and have the best craft tutorials ever, if you're into bleach and zips (who isn't?). With an eye for exciting new labels and hair that makes me cry tears of jealousy, these gals are like the cool older sister you (I?) always dreamed of.

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A blog with a name like Hammer of the Witches has to have heavy metal undertones. This site is full of inspirational imagery - there's editorials from the world's fashion mags, piles of pictures of iconic figures from the world of metal and a seemingly never-ending selection of cult brands. It's all very cool.

You'll never guess what Heavy Metal Fashion is about. This blog is written by possibly the most beautiful heavy metaller I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, girl should be a supermodel. Combining couture with an epic knowledge of all things dark and loud, she's like Jane from Sea of Shoes if she'd grown up on a diet of Judas Priest and Gwar. The what-I-wore-today shots are awe-inspiring, and if you ever thought sequins and Satyricon couldn't work together, she'll prove you wrong.

Pics c/o Gnarlitude