Thumbnail image for max drummey peaches geldof.jpgIt probably comes as little surprise to many, but Max Drummey has admitted that his short-lived marriage to Peaches Geldof was, in fact, all just a publicity stunt.

"It was totally a publicity stunt. 100%. I have her [Peaches] on retainer. Not as my PR, as my friend. On my personal payroll . She's my friend for money. She also orchestrates publicity stunts for me," he said.

The couple married in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony in August last year, and filed for divorce just six months later. At the time, Peaches confessed that their marriage was never never meant to "last forever."

The Chester French muso said that he was "glad" they wed, adding: "I've garnered so much amazing publicity from awesome people." Deary me, the lengths that some will go to for their five minutes of fame.