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Julianne Moore and all her adorable freckles grace the July '09 cover of British Vogue. In an editorial photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the sultry actress shows off her glamorous side, channelling a vampy style like no other.

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Speaking of her self-image, Julianne says: "What you see happening in a lot of children's literature is that they become a swan, they become beautiful and it's all changed. But it didn't change. I still have freckles; I still don't like them. It just doesn't matter as much. It's less a transformation than a process - there's more of you that stays the same."


"I mean, I don't think I look particularly fantastic," she adds. "I know you're not supposed to drink caffeine, and I know you're not supposed to drink wine, but I do both. I could be much thinner if I really worked at it. But there was a time when I was exercising a lot, and then I realised that the person I was spending the most time with was my trainer. And I thought, 'I don't have time to see my friends!'"

Refreshingly honest - I like that.