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In Sook Park is the last of our GFW graduate previews, a Fashion Design student from UCCA Epsom she let us in on her students days and her plans for the future.

What was the best bit about the student experience?
I had two best bits, the first was just learning how to apply my ideas to making real garments and being able to see my designs as finished articles. The second was getting the chance to appear at GFW. Being selected for the catwalk show was the happiest and most satisfying part of the student experience.

Did you take any work experience/placements?
I worked at Bora Aksu during my second year.

Explain to us a little about what you learnt on your course.
I learnt a lot of things about designing and making clothes. I didn't know how to use an industrial sewing machine before starting this course. But now I can make patterns and cut fabric and sew them. more importantly, I've learned how to develop designs from original concepts and apply these to actual garments.

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Talk us through your ideas for your final collection.
My designs take their inspiration from the movement of sailing ships as they cross the ocean waves battling to stay upright and afloat. Silhouettes and details are taken from the designs of wooden boats and the way these are created around a wooden frame.
The garments come alive with different shades of grey and vivid oranges inspired by sea-stained algae-covered rusting boats. My designs combine the beauty of sailing with the wildness of the sea.

What are your plans and where do you see yourself in five years time?
I hope to be selling my own designs. I hope that these can make people happy and will be something they will want to tell their friends about.

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