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Only a couple of days till Graduate Fashion Week, and we're already checking which universities to go see. If you're interested in student fashion check our part one of our LCF BA picks, or check out our other student profiles. Georgina Langford studied Fashion Journalism at UCCA Epsom, and she filled us in on student life, her course and her future projects...

What was the best bit about the student experience?
Making three close friends who each have different fashion expertise - it is great having a make-up specialist, party planner and stylista on call (apart from when you are trying to get ready for a night out, that takes about four hours). From an academic point of view, having tutors who were industry professionals was inspiring and informative.

Did you take any work experience/placements?
Too many! My first paid job was assisting Christine Centenera for Harper's Bazaar Australia, which was an eye-opener into the world of high profile shoots. I even got up at 5am on my birthday for a shoot with Rankin, but it was completely worth it! I have done several stints at The Times, helping out the T2 fashion desk and on trend-based editorials, and I worked towards the launch of Distill magazine. Music is my second love, so placements at Rocksound and Kerrang! gave me invaluable music journalism experience.

georgina langford graduate student profile journalism.jpgExplain to us a little about what you learnt on your course.
We covered just about every aspect of fashion journalism, including Investigative Journalism, Fashion Feature Writing, Interviewing, Imaging, Internet Journalism and Catwalk Reporting. I feel prepared for pretty much anything an editor can throw at me! I really enjoyed the Imaging module in first year, where we learnt about the inspiration, preparation and planning of a fashion photoshoot, before being sent off to do our own. Again, it was great to have expert advice from a fashion photographer, especially when he broke down the costing of a shoot - that somewhat blew our minds! Third year was definitely a time for us to implement all the skills and knowledge that we had gained previously, and it was a fantastic feeling to have some freedom with our projects.

Talk us through your ideas for your degree work.
My final major project was a luxury lingerie and lifestyle magazine called Bombshell. Having worked at Agent Provocateur over Christmas, my lingerie obsession was getting out of hand, so I decided to put my knowledge and passion to good use! Inspired by 1940s cigarette cards, the magazine is printed on loose cards, each beautifully designed and packaged. It was intended that if you like one card, you can stick it on your wall for a piece of mini inspiration!

The magazine aesthetic mixes together Pin-up girl, vintage glamour with modern beauty. The biannual magazine contains features about brilliant boutiques, summer trends, emerging student talent and 'lucky knickers' as well as an interview with the founders of Ophelia Fancy, a gorgeous bespoke lingerie brand from Brighton. There was also three lingerie themed fashion editorials, including an authentic pin-up shoot with Annette Bette, the UK Burlesque Queen.

I loved creating Bombshell and have continued it after the project finished - I am now working on having up and running in the near future.

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Which journalists you aspire to be like?
The descriptive talents of Suzy Menkes blow everyone else out of the water; if I could produce catwalk reports that captured the essence of the occasion, the style of the clothes and the insightful critiques of a designer's latest collection in the way she does it, I would be a very happy girl. Hadley Freeman makes me laugh every day with her irreverent take on fashion, and conversely, Anna Wintour shows how to be the best of the best when it comes to the serious business of fashion. Kate Phelan's beautiful and unique styling has also never failed to inspire me.

What are your plans and where do you see yourself in five years time?
I am going to keep working at Bombshell and see where that takes me, even if it remains just a hobby, it is good to keep my writing and styling tools sharp. The world of lingerie PR beckons, because I am dying to put my knowledge and passion to good use. Ultimately, however I would like to play a central role in the fashion department of one of my favourite magazines, whether I am writing, or styling, or both! Nylon is my bible, and I have always dreamt of working in NYC, so maybe one day, Marvin Scott Jarett will give me a call...