daniel politt graduate manchester fashion design.jpg
Daniel Pollitt's final designs

GFW is less than a week away, so we decided to give you a sneak preview of some of the students who will be graduating this year. Daniel Pollitt is a Fashion Design student at Manchester Metropolitan University, he talked to us a bit about being a student and gave us an idea of what to expect from his graduate collection.

What was the best bit about the student experience?
I think for me the best part of the student experience was constantly keeping busy. I like being busy and hate that empty feeling that comes around when everything is done and finished.

Did you take any work experience/placements?
I completed some work experience at Roland Mouret this summer . I really enjoyed the whole experience.

I think the most valuable thing I learnt was what the atmosphere was like working within a design studio. Working along with the Mouret team only confirmed to me that this is what I want to do with my future.

daniel pollit christo.jpg
Daniel Pollitt, and an artork by Christo, one of his sources of inspiration

Explain to us a little about what you learnt on your course.
My whole student experience has taught me so much about myself as a designer. I think that when you start a fashion course you come in with all these ideas that you cram into your initial designs. I think the reason people do this is because there's a feeling that you have something to prove as a designer. Although, by the time that I got to the end of second year I learnt to refine my ideas a lot more and this was probably when my stronger design work started to emerge.

Talk us through your ideas for your final collection.
Most of the ideas from my final collection came from the famous sculptural artist Christo, who wraps everyday objects like trees and buildings with large sheets of nylon cloth and ropes. This method crates a whole new way of viewing everyday items for me, the familiar undergoes a transformation. It was these ideas of wrapping and gathering that mostly formed the basis of my final collection, as i began to consider how these ideas could be applied to the female form.

daniel politt graduate manchester fashion design star wars.jpg

What are your plans and where do you see yourself in five years time?
After my graduation i plan to complete a longer work placement back at Roland Mouret, to consolidate my experience of working in a design studio. Its hard to say where I see myself in five years time but as long as I'm doing something creative I don't really mind. My favourite thing is education and I never want to leave it, I think learning should be a lifelong process.

Daniel Pollitt will be showing as part of the Manchester Metropolitan University show on Tuesday June 9th at 2.30pm.