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We really can't wait for GFW now, anticipation is mounting! Luckily we've got a slew of student previews to whet your appetite, today's is from styling student Anna Walker who hails from Westminster Uni. Catch up on our past interviews with Christina Duggan and Daniel Pollitt.

What was the best bit about the student experience?

For me the best bit of the student experience is the freedom to be creative and to experiment. Its all about taking risks, pushing techniques and learning from your mistakes, and from any happy accidents!

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Did you take any work experience/placements?
I did a 2 month work placement at Luella when I was in second year. It was a really intense and fascinating experience, I was there in the run up to fashion week so got to see the collection come together.

I also did a years work experience before the final year of my degree during which I held the position of fashion assistant at ES magazine. This was a fantastic year, I learn so much about how the industry worked. I also did some freelance illustration and design during this time, and assisted stylists from other publications.

Explain to us a little about what you learnt on your course.
The final year has been a hugely challenging but immensely rewarding, I think the most important thing that I have learnt is the ways in which I work as designer. Of course I have learnt many practical skills during my time at Westminster but I think that the most important thing to come away with is a sense of self.

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Talk us through your ideas for your final collection.

My final collection is inspired by London. As I commute in to uni every day I have spent a lot of time on the tube and the textures, colours and patterns seem to have seeped into my brain! Inspired by masses of twisting wires, ripped posters and escalator treads, my collection is all about subtle muted tones, linear shapes and beautiful fabrics. It is soft, slouchy and feminine but at the same time it is urban and a little bit grungy.

What are your plans and where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years time I would love to have explored a new city - at the moment I really want to go to New York! I could reel off a list of designers that I dream of working for, Rodarte, Ann Sofie Back, Marios Schwab....the list goes on! Although ideally I would love to be working on my own designs and running a fanzine on the side.