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It's a damn shame people don't wear hats any more. Not only are they remarkably handy (protect your hair from the sun/disguise bad hair days/hide things under them), they also add instant pizazz to your outfit. And I don't use the word pizazz lightly. The author of one of my favourite blogs, The Decida Style, always bemoans us Brits for not wearing lipstick, and I reckon she'd take similar issue with our lack of interest in hats.

I'm opening up my extensive list of bookmarks to you guys once again in a bid to encourage hat-wearing. This is kinda like sharing your best, top secret, budget-priced Ebay seller, but I'm nice like that so here goes. Village Hats is your one-stop shop for all things hat-related.

ombre sun hat burberry

This ombre number is pretty reminiscent of the Burberry dip-dye trench-coat and would be the perfect accompaniment to any summer festival gear. Not really sure why it's called the 'Swinger' hat, but then it's a been a while since I've been to a festival and who am I to judge?

vintage leopard print pillbox hat

This leopard pillbox hat is super chic and marvellously vintage-looking. My only fear is that it's one size fits all. One size does not fit all, not when your head is the size of mine.

vintage kate moss turban met costume gala hat

Did Kate Moss's turban at the MET Gala inspire you? Me too. Village Hats have the 'Ethel' on offer, to help you emulate that Mossatron look. I'm all about the scarlet, although some mean people have suggested I'd look like a fortune teller and that maybe gold is more subtle. If a turban can be subtle.

Pics c/o My Vintage Vogue; Village Hats