Daisy Lowe is chatting to the newspapers again, offering more of her refreshingly honest opinions towards her profession. For this interview with the Telegraph, Daisy discusses the lessons she has learnt during the past year.

"I think I'll always be someone who worries about everyone else," she said. "But in the past year I've done a lot of healing. I made a choice when I was very, very young that I was going to be an adult, and I never got to be a child because I always wanted to look after everyone else. What I've realized is key is being a mature adult but having an inner child, too, and that's where you get the good balance. That way I can look after people but still have fun. It's taken me 19-and-a-half years to work it out, but I've got there."

But perhaps even more interesting is her plans to pile on the pounds, read on...

I think my favourite part of this interview is when the reporter takes note of what Daisy is eating for lunch - "an enormous sandwich, washed down with a strawberry milkshake."

Just fascinating *sigh*

'I went to one [casting call] on Saturday, and there was a gaggle of about five 6ft Russian girls who all weigh about 6st, and I'm just not that breed of a woman. Fashion is supposed to be fun and beautiful. But so much of the time it depresses so many people, because they think, "We need to lose weight." The female form is such a beautiful thing. It should be celebrated and not put down, that's the only reason I agreed to do the shows. I said, "I'll give it a go to see if they'll hire some tits and arse. If they will, then great!"' Daisy adds.

She admits that while she dreams of landing a Chanel beauty campaign (don't we all?), her 'biggest ambition is to do really well, but keep being a nice person and not let it affect me. Then I can buy a house and bow out. I'm going to get old and wrinkly, and when I'm older I'm going to put on loads of weight, and I'm excited about it. I think it's just really important to remember that you aren't your face.'

Don't you just love this girl?

Read the entire interview here.