Bat_For_Lashes_05-0871_medium.jpgBat For Lashes is known as much for her music as she is for distinctive style. Who better to ask ahead of this year's Glastonbury Festival for tips on festival dressing? We spoke to Natasha Khan about her new album 'Two Suns', the character 'Pearl' and how to move on from something as iconic as the gold headband.

Isabelle: Your second album seemed a bit lonelier then the first one - was that because you were a bit lonelier? You were in New York at the time, weren't you?

BFL: I recorded it all over in New York and back in England and in Wales, kind of moving all over so I guess there was a sense of isolation. Searching for the comfort of home I suppose, and I kept sort of drifting between places. I think the only common denominator was me and my songs, so I think there is sense of loneliness; it was quite a lonely time.

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You've got two identities as well as your own, Bat for Lashes and pearl from the second album. Do you think it gives you something to hide behind a bit? Do you like having the anonymity when you're off stage?

I wouldn't say that I hide behind either really, I would say this album quite personal and revealing, and emotional, so much has come from the heart, so I feel like the opposite really, I feel like musically I'm revealing everything. Pearl I suppose is, she's not really an alter ego or someone I'd dress up as for anybody else really, she was just like my own personal art project in New York really. To experiment with my appearance, like famous artists like Cindy Sherman that want to dress up and play around with their identity, rather than an aspect of my personality It's more exciting for me to delve into these things.

wolf mask.jpg

You're going to Glastonbury and playing this Sunday aren't you? What will you be taking, what's your kind of festival fashion tips?

I have a secret wonderful outfit for the performance that I can't give it away just yet, but I will be wearing something a bit outrageous. Off stage, I'll be wearing wellies, I'm quite into jean shorts this summer, and just t shirts that my friends have printed for me. I quite like homemade things.
What's your style inspiration?

I think it's just eclectic-ness or whatever the word is! Spontaneity and just playfulness, I think those things are important when choosing want to wear. Because it's about expressing yourself so you should just be free with it. Just do what you want. Not following too many trends, or what's cool for your body shape or any of that.

After the first album you'd built up such a definite style for yourself, it was really interesting to see where you took your stage costumes, and video stuff. Did it make you a bit nervous, 'cause you seemed to have spawned that whole gold headband thing! Was it a bit tough?

I think I rebelled naturally against it, because I don't really, I'm that kind of person so I'm always wanting to be in the moment and just progress and develop. I've just cut my hair shorter. I suppose I haven't got anything so specific anymore [as the gold headbands], but I'm just enjoying developing stage costumes, and being a bit more myself I suppose. I don't have anything that's so just symbolically Bat for Lashes anymore because I think I've done that now. It's fun to be free and depending on how I'm feeling on any given day.

We asked our readers to twitter us some questions for you do here they are: Charlie wanted to know, what's your favourite tea?

It has to be Yorkshire tea.

Laura Fleur asked 'Which make up do you use for your on stage look?'

MAC, because they have really amazing colours and pigments, and they have nice glitters as well.

Someone wrote in saying they saw you in Fabricland in Brighton, and they want to know if you like customizing stuff?

Yeah I like making my own headpieces. I like making my own jewellery and clothes if I have time.

Lucky Voice asked 'What's your favourite karaoke song?'
I think it has to be 'Total Eclipse of the heart' by Bonnie Tyler.