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In the second of our GFW student previews we interviewed Fashion Marketing student Christina Duggan. Graduating from Northumbria University this year she filled us in on student life and her work. If you missed Fashion Design student Daniel Pollitt's interview yesterday the you can catch up here.

What was the best bit about the student experience?
Fashion Marketing has given me the opportunity to travel to London, Paris and New York. Working in a studio environment has given me the opportunity to make lifelong friends, something which I know wouldn't have happened in a lecture theatre.

christina duggan graduate fashion week student fashion marketing.jpgDid you take any work experience/placements?
I worked for 6 months for Jane Norman in London as an assistant designer. It was pretty exciting seeing my designs in store and it definitely gave me an insight into the fashion industry. I had an amazing time living in London and would love to live there again.

Explain to us a little what you learnt on your course.
My course has taught me so much. I now have skills in design, pattern cutting and manufacture as well as knowledge of graphic design, illustration and marketing. More than anything I have learnt that fashion is about confidence and a belief in yourself and your own work because it's a difficult industry to be in. It has been a real challenge; a lot harder than I ever imagined and to graduate will be a great achievement in itself.

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Talk us through your degree work
My final major project is called Package. Package is a range of men's luxury underwear which is marketed to young professional men and their girlfriends. Changing attitudes towards men's undies from necessity to desire, Package appeals to the fashion conscious consumer who demands more from his tighty whities. Encouraging women to give the gift of quality underwear Package fosters healthy relationships and self-confidence in men. With a complete range of boxers and briefs the Sex, Fashion and Rock and Roll collection is supported by a range of night shirts designed for the wannabe rock star and his groupie girlfriend. Men's underwear may be a strange choice but I looked for a completely new concept which I hope will generate some interest.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Well I don't see myself designing men's pants for the rest of my life; there's only so much you can do! Ideally I would like to be working in fashion marketing. I'd like to combine my creative and academic skills to be the brains behind the brands. Upon graduation I'll be heading to Glastonbury and then start the job search both here and abroad. I hope that in the future I'll be able to set up my own business and give other students opportunities working for me. I want to constantly be learning new things and ultimately enjoying my career.