Up until relatively recently, admitting to spending hours on the Internet - let alone having your own website (for this was a time before the word 'blog' even existed) - was something to be deeply, deeply ashamed of. How times have changed! Now bloggers are the fashion industry's secret weapon - they're grilled for their opinions, given their own columns and, increasingly, invading the very industry they're so passionate about. Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes fame joined the likes of BryanBoy and Susie of StyleBubble this work with her very own foray into the world of fashion...

Something of a modern day Imelda Marcos, Jane has used her love of shoes to create a line of footwear for Urban Outfitters, unveiled this week. As a high school student with no design experience, this says rather a lot about the power of the blog. Philippines-based blogger Bryan Boy has hit headlines (in the fashion mags at least) for his unlikely friendship with Marc Jacobs, culminating with the designer creating a bag (the BB) in his honour, while numerous high profile bloggers - Susie of Style Bubble, Jen of Gnarlitude, Tavi of Style Rookie to name but three - have recently had their own designs immortalised on t-shirts by Borders and Frontiers. Gala Darling sells underwear (and condoms!) with her face on, and Fifi Lapin created a sell-out line for Le Sportsac featuring her fashion doodlings.


And it's not just designing - American Apparel were so impressed with Karla of Karla's Closet's modelling skills that that they featured her in their adverts. Taking things one step further, Laurel of It's Her Factory is now strutting the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Tavi (again!), Rumi of Fashion Toast and Judy of Atlantis Home have gone totally meta - now you can buy the very clothes off their blogging backs in their respective online stores.

Which bloggers would you most like to see designing... and what?

[Pics: Sea of Shoes|Bryan Boy]